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Mr Mark Hurworth FRACS, FAOrthA

St John of God Murdoch, Geraldton Orthopaedics & St John of God Geraldton

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I perform both arthroscopic and replacement surgery of the hip, with my preference being for anterior hip replacement. Please click on the links for some video content, or visit


    A technically demanding procedure, this is nonetheless a good operation for the right indications. In particular, if you have a symptomatic labral tear (a lot of people have asymptomatic labral tears) or impingement pathology, and the hip is not too worn out, then this may be a good operation for you. Recovery involves an overnight stay in hospital, and typically three months before the hip is at its best after surgery.


    I call this my “Christmas card operation” because some years the only patients who send me a Christmas card are my hip replacements!

    Hip replacement is one of the most successful operations in all of surgery, and is truly revolutionary in its ability to remove pain and restore function in the vast majority of patients. Nonetheless, this is still big surgery and the risks are not insubstantial. Make sure you consider weight loss and other simple ideas before you talk to me about replacement, as it always makes sense to exhaust non operative pathways before you have an artificial joint put in, even though the results are good to excellent in 95% of people.