For Patients

“When faced with an injury or disease, making decisions about your treatment can be overwhelming. Our aim is to make it as smooth as possible, and our friendly staff and surgeons will guide you each step of the way.”

  • Making an Appointment

    To make an appointment, simply call our Clinic and speak to one of our medical receptionists. Depending on your condition, your GP may refer you to see a specific surgeon who specialises in treating your condition or alternatively, you may choose which surgeon you would like to see. For a list of our Surgeons and who specialises in which joints.

    Make An Appointment
  • What To Expect

    Firstly you will see your Surgeon for an initial consultation. This appointment may go for approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition. In this consultation, your Surgeon will diagnose your condition and then present you with various different treatment options to choose from.

    If your chosen treatment option involves surgery, your Surgeon will provide you with everything you need to know about the procedure, what to expect, fees and payments and information on hospital admissions.

  • Fees and Billing

    Our Clinic is guided by industry standard fees and charges and so each of our surgeons typically charge a consultation and surgical fee. A portion of these fees may not be covered by Medicare or your private health fund, so it is important to understand that there will be a gap.

    It is important to also note that these fees do not include any hospital charges, so check your level of hospital cover with your private health insurer to fully understand what you will be charged.

    At the end of your consultation you will be billed. We really appreciate same day settlement of your account so please go straight to the desk to settle your bill with one of our friendly staff.

  • Your Recovery

    Each patient is different and unfortunately there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template in terms of recovery times.

    Typically, post surgery you may spend a couple of days in hospital under the care of your Surgeon. Then upon discharge, your Surgeon will advise you how long to expect before you make a full recovery. This could range from a few days up until six weeks, and will vary from person to person based on their physical and mental health prior to their operation.

  • Hospital Information

    Most of our surgeons operate in both private and public hospitals at locations south of the river in Perth including the Mandurah/Peel region. Our surgeons also service the Kimberley in the far north of Western Australia.

    Hospitals our surgeons cover include Fremantle Hospital, St John of God Hospitals Subiaco and MurdochPeel Health Campus, Waikiki Private Hospital and Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital.

    Our closest affiliated hospital is St John of God Hospital Murdoch which is conveniently located on the same premises as our Clinic in Murdoch and close to public transport.

    St John of God Hospital Murdoch

    St John of God Hospital Murdoch is (one of) Perth’s largest private Hospitals south of the river. With over 500 beds and 16 theatres, the Hospital is well positioned to service an array of clinical, diagnostic and surgical services.

    The Hospital also provides many support services onsite including; radiology, physiotherapy, pathology and nuclear medicine.