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Mr Graham Forward BM.BS, FRACS, FAOrthA

St John of God Murdoch

Direct Line (08) 6332 6332 Fax (08) 6332 6322 Email

Specialist in Advanced Hip and Knee Surgery

  • Hip Replacement
    Experienced and skilled use of the best minimally invasive posterior approach.  Maximal pain control and early mobilisation and recovery.
  • Knee Replacement
    Computer navigated and robotic knee surgery to achieve best alignment and long term results.
  • Robotic Knee Surgery
    Early adopter of the most advanced robotic surgery for unicompartmental knee replacement.
  • ACL and other Knee Ligament Reconstruction
    Over 2,500 successful and precise arthroscopic ACL reconstructions personally carried out.  Modern techniques of graft selection, fixation and pain control.
  • Knee Injuries and Arthroscopy
    Careful and skilled arthroscopic surgery for meniscal tears, loose bodies and osteochondral defects.

Please see the attached brochures for more information on the following procedures: