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Mr Paul Jarrett MB ChB FRCSed (Orth) FRACS FA OrthA

St John of God Murdoch

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Postoperative Care

One of the most important determinants of the results of recovery is your effort and participation in the rehabilitation protocols.  It is often the case that the rehabilitation undertaken by a patient is too gentle, causing stiffness, but should the rehabilitation be too aggressive, the treatment may fail.  Be aware that both of the scenarios do not offer beneficial results.

We suggest taking pain killers (analgesics) to reduce your discomfort following your operation as required; these are typically provided on discharge from hospital.  Should your operation have been carried out under a local anaesthetic, it is advisable to take a pain killer before you go to bed even if you are not in any discomfort, as your local anaesthetic may wear off while you sleep.  In addition to making you more comfortable, pain killers may allow you to undertake your hand therapy more effectively.

Your wound and sutures

Mr Jarrett uses absorbable sutures that dissolve and do not require removal.  As a rule, your wound can be uncovered and washed from ten days after your operation.  Sometimes sutures are beneath the skin and can be ignored.  Should your sutures be fine white stitches sticking out along the course of your wound, these will fall out after washing within a few days.

Surgical wounds can be moisturised and massaged twice daily from ten days postoperatively.  If you require the removal of sutures or an unusual wound care protocol, Mr Jarrett or his staff will inform you.  A wound care video on our website is available for further information.

You are welcome to watch our postoperative wound care video for furthur information about managing your dressing and wound on or use the QR code below

Follow up

We ask that you book a follow up appointment within one to four weeks after surgery with Mr Jarrett to check your wound and progress.  Please phone Mr Jarrett’s rooms if you do not already have a follow up appointment.  Should you have any problems before this, please contact Mr Jarrett’s rooms during working hours or attend the Emergency Department at Murdoch Hospital for out of hours emergencies (fees may apply), or your General Practitioner or another Emergency Department, if Murdoch is far from home.