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Ligament injuries in the hand

There are some ligaments within the hand which can be injured.  Sometimes the injury may be a mild sprain, and no treatment may be necessary, although mild injuries can take months to recover maximally.  If the ligament has been torn significantly, then often a splint from our hand therapists will be required for six weeks.  If the ligament is torn or avulsed from its insertion and there is a gap present between the ends of the tendon, or the tendon and its insertion, surgery may be required to repair or reconstruct the ligament, followed by a period of six weeks in a splint and rehabilitation with our hand therapists.

At times clinical examination by your doctor or Mr Jarrett will be enough to establish a diagnosis.  On other occasions x-rays, ultrasound or MRI scanning may be required to make the diagnosis sufficiently clear, and to predict the outcome of treatment.