Not just limb savers but life savers!

Recently a gentleman entered Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic with his wife, as he was visiting a friend in hospital and felt unwell. As they were standing at the Clinic’s reception desk, the gentleman suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Our reception staff quickly took control of the situation, immediately organising two of our specialists to commence CPR whilst the Hospital Emergency Team were called.  He was given defibrillation in the clinic and subsequently taken to the Hospital’s Emergency Department, before transferring to the Coronary Care Unit.

We are thrilled to report that the gentleman has recovered well from surgery.  What started out as a brief visit to a friend in Hospital, unfortunately resulted in a life-threatening situation. Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic’s specialists are usually known for their expertise in doing all they can to save limbs.  In this case we are pleased to report that not only a limb but a life has been saved!