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Professor Allan Wang FRACS PhD FAOrthA

St John of God Murdoch & Subiaco

Direct Line (08) 6332 6390 Fax (08) 6332 6392 Email


Consultation Fees
Fees Medicare Rebate Gap Payment
Initial Consultation $180 $72.75 $107.25
Follow up Consultation $90 $36.55 $53.45

Should you require a plaster cast or Cortisone/Synvisc injections during your treatment there will be a fee involved and this is not covered by Medicare.

Surgery Fee

Please check your hospital cover with your private health fund.

Professor Wang is gap covered with HBF and GMF. Patients will have their account for surgery sent directly to their health fund, which will cover their surgical fee.

Patients insured with other health funds will receive an account for a gap payment.

The surgical fee is less than the fee recommended by the Australian Medical Association.

Depending on your health fund, the gap payment will vary between $200 to $250 for a short procedure and $300 to $450 for a long procedure.

An estimate will be given to you with your paperwork.

Your first postoperative visit is covered by the surgical fee. All subsequent visits will be charged a follow up consultation. If you have any questions regarding the cost involved please discuss this with the office staff prior to your surgery.