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As the foundation for the human body, the foot and ankle play a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the entire body, which is why it’s essential to diagnose and treat any condition which may affect these areas.

The foot is an intricate structure composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles and tendons. Almost one quarter of the body’s bones are located in the feet, giving humans the flexibility to walk, run, jump and move ourselves accordingly.

Like other areas of the body, the feet and its attached ankles also run the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems which can greatly affect daily activities. Although some are more complex than others, your experienced ankle and foot specialist in Perth from the Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic can help.

Depending on the severity of your case, foot or ankle surgery may be recommended as a treatment option for you. Our foot surgeons in Perth have both the experience and skills to treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions including common injuries, arthritis and other conditions. We highly recommend speaking to our foot doctors before proceeding.

Some common conditions include:

  • Fractures and ankle instability – bones such as the metatarsal are the most common injuries seen by our foot surgeons. If you’re noticing pain, swelling, redness or bruising, you may want to consult your foot specialist as soon as possible.
  • Arthritis of the ankle and other joints – commonly known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, can be a result of ageing or generally when the cartilage in the feet begins to wear out.
  • Bunions – these are bones which are formed in a way which can cause the big toe to turn inwards. This can be a caused by hereditary factors or ill-fitting shoes. Please consult our Perth foot and ankle clinic to find out more.
  • Morton’s neuromas – this is a growth consisting of nerve tissue located between the third and fourth toes. Morton’s neuroma can cause pain, numbness and burning; however, it can be treated with a change in footwear. Our foot specialists in Perth can advise you on which shoes will suit you best.
  • Plantar fasciitis – also known as heel pain, plantar fasciitis is a common condition experienced by many people across the globe. Symptoms associated with this include pain in the heel or arch of the foot. There are a wide variety of treatment options available. For more information, please discuss this with one of our Perth foot and ankle specialists.

At the Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic, Mr Peter Ammon is our main foot and ankle surgeon in Perth and can assist with any musculoskeletal problems you may be experiencing and recommend an appropriate treatment plan for you. If you’re looking for a Perth foot and ankle clinic, contact us today at the Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic.


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